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Предлагаем вам пройти пробный IELTS тест по аудированию (Listening), который поможет оценить вашу текущую готовность к этому непростому международному экзамену.

Listening section

В данной секции IELTS 4 части и всего 40 вопросов. Записи во время реального экзамена воспроизводятся только 1 раз. Внимательно читайте и слушайте задания и отвечайте на вопросы во время прослушивания. Перепроверьте ответы перед проверкой ответов.

Section 1

Questions 1 — 10

Complete the notes below. Write no more than three words and/or a number for each answer.


Example: work at: a restaurant

Type or work: 1 ______

Number of hours per week: 12 hours

Would need work permit

Work in the: 2 _____ branch

Nearest bus stop: next to 3_______

Pay: 4 _____ pounds an hour

Extra benefits:

  • a free dinner
  • extra pay when you work on 5______
  • transport home when you work 6______

Qualities required:

  • 7_______
  • ability to 8______

Interview arranged for: Thursday 9______at 6 pm

Bring the names of two referees

Ask for: Samira 10________

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Complete the notes below. Write one word and/or a number for each answer.


  • a new 11_________ of an international sports goods company
  • located in the shopping centre to the 12________of Bradcaster
  • has sports 13_______ and equipment on floors 1 — 3
  • can get you any item within 14_____ days
  • shop specialises in equipment for 15______
  • has a special section which just sells 16_______

Questions 17 and 18

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

17 A champion athlete will be in the shop

  • A on Saturday morning only.
  • B all day Saturday.
  • C for the whole weekend.

18 The first person to answer 20 quiz questions correctly will win

  • A gym membership.
  • B a video.
  • C a calendar.

Questions 19 and 20

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO pieces of information does the speaker give about the fitness test?

  • A You need to reserve a place.
  • B It is free to account holders.
  • C You get advice on how to impove your health.
  • D It takes place in a special clinic.
  • E It is cheaper this month.

Section 3

Questions 21-30

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.


21 One reason why Spiros felt happy about his marketing presentation was that

  • A he was not nervous.
  • B his style was good.
  • C the presentation was the best in his group.

22 What surprised Hiroko about the other students’ presentations?

  • A Their presentations were not interesting.
  • B They found their presentations stressful.
  • C They didn’t look at the audience enough.

23 After she gave her presentation, Hiroko felt

  • A delighted.
  • B dissatisfied.
  • C embarrassed.

24 How does Spiros feel about his performance in tutorials?

  • A not very happy
  • B really pleased
  • C fairly confident

25 Why can the other students participate so easily in discussions?

  • A They are polite to each other.
  • B They agree to take turns in speaking.
  • C They know each other well.

26 Why is Hiroko feeling more positive about tutorials now?

  • A She finds the other students’ opinions more interesting.
  • B She is making more of a contribution.
  • C The tutor includes her in the discussion.

27 To help her understand lectures, Hiroko

  • A consulted reference materials.
  • B had extra tutorials with her lecturers.
  • C borrowed lecture notes from other students.

28 What does Spiros think of his reading skills?

  • A He reads faster than he used to.
  • B It still takes him a long time to read.
  • C He tends to struggle with new vocabulary.

29 What is Hiroko’s subject area?

  • A environmental studies
  • B health education
  • C engineering

30 Hiroko thinks that in the reading classes the students should

  • A learn more vocabulary.
  • B read more in their own subject areas.
  • C develop better reading strategies.

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below. Write no more than two words for each answer.


Mass strandings: situations where groups of whales, dolphins, etc. swim onto the beach and die

Common in areas where the 31________ can change quickly

Several other theories:


e.g. some parasites can affect marine animals’ 32______, which they depend on for navigation


Poisons from 33________ or ________ are commonly consumed by whales

e.g. Cape Cod (1988) — whales were killed by saxitoxin

Accidental Strandings

Animals may follow prey ashore, e.g. Thurston (1995)

Unlikely because the majority of animals were not 34_______ when they stranded

Human Activity

35_______ from military tests are linked to some recent strandings

The Bahamas (2000) stranding was unusual because the whales

  • were all 36______
  • were not in a 37_____

Group Behaviour

  • More strandings in the most 38______ species of whales
  • 1994 dolphin stranding — only the 39______ was ill

Further Reading

Marine Mammals Ashore (Connor) — gives information about stranding 40_______.

Ответы к Listening тесту

Section 1

1 answer(ing) (the) phone, 2 Hillsdunne Road, 3 library, 4 4:45, 5 national holidays, 6 after 11 (o’clock), 7 clear voice, 8 think quickly, 9 22 October, 10 Manuja

Section 2

11 branch, 12 west, 13 clothing, 14 10, 15 running, 16 bags, 17 A, 18 A, 19&20 A, E

Section 3

21 B, 22 C, 23 B, 24 A, 25 C, 26 B, 27 A, 28 B, 29 C, 30 B

Section 4

31 tide/tides, 32 hearing/ear/ears, 33 (в любом порядке) plants, animals/fish/fishes, 34 feeding, 35 noise/noises, 36 healthy, 37 group, 38 social, 39 leader, 40 network/networks

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